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Wine - Science & Art

Winemaking is about transforming the amazing and natural world of the vine and its entire ecosystem into an ocean of molecules that delights our senses and that we call wine. But this transformation itself is an art. It is about making all the players - from the enzymes to the grapes to the soil - sing and dance to express themselves in their purest form.

My passion, as a trained natural scientist, is to perfect this interplay between science and art. Thus, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, we produce small quantities of high quality wine. Every year, depending on the quality of the harvest and my ideas and inspirations, different editions and marriages are created. The grapes come almost exclusively from growers in the La Côte region, where the whole family helps with the harvest. Then the wine is vinified in our cellar at Château de Chigny.

The bottles are numbered individually and by hand, and the red wines are shipped in home-branded wooden boxes. We hope you enjoy discovering our wines!

Rahel Salathé

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