August 2023

🥇First place!

A gold and silver medal for Salathé Vins at the Expovina Wine Trophy 2023.

Expovina Gold & Silver

We are proud to announce that our Cabernet Merlot 2018 has just been awarded a gold medal. And that's not all: It even received the highest rating of all Swiss red wines across all vintages!

Our Cabernet Merlot Syrah 2019 also received accolades, now proudly wearing a silver medal around its neck.

Expovina Anlysis

An analysis of the data revealed that a total of 777 red wines were submitted to the Expovina Wine Trophy in 2023. On the figure, you'll find all the red wines ranked by rating, with gold and silver medals appropriately highlighted. Swiss red wines are denoted with a plus (+) symbol, while non-Swiss red wines are indicated with a circle (o).

Out of the 400 non-Swiss red wines, only one - a 2015 Australian priced at CHF 135 - received a higher rating than our Cabernet Merlot. We are delighted that our first wine has been recognized among the best internationally, and the very best in Switzerland.